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Israel: Certainly Not a Food Desert

Breakfast on the first day: Eggs with Goat Cheeses Galore!

Spices!Za’atar is my favorite: it is made often made of hyssop, sesame seeds and other spices.  I love to mix it with olive oil and make a dip or rub it on flounder

Can you say pastries?

We were welcomed into a Druze’s home and served wonderful olives, druze pita and coffee!

Pita rubbed with Za’atar and Olive Oil.  I had about 3 of these!

Strawberries from the Negev (Israeli Desert)

Here in the Negev, Strawberries grow in the sky.

Top Chef Negev: Team Orange Wins!

Our Glorious Camels

Druze making “Pita” on the streets of Tel Aviv

This Hummus considered by most Israeli’s to be the best Israel has to offer!  It was warm and delicious

We were gloriously spoiled with Meir Adoni’s cooking. Above is a glorious brioche that was more buttery than any brioche I’ve ever encountered in my life.

Deconstructed Shawarma. Topped with a Cilantro Salad- what more could you want?


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