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GranYesla (that’s Yes for Granola)

Selection of the Day

If you live in New York and feel like schlepping to Fort Hamilton Parkway, it just might be worth the trek for this granola.  Brooklyn Commune, the home and mother to this beautiful sweet toasted oat child, is a bare but generally delightful place to enjoy lunch.  Their menu is seasonal and I don’t recall ever having a sandwich I did not thoroughly devour. I especially remember some lovely pickled beets (perhaps my favorite pickled thing) accompanying my sandwich. If you decide to take the trip, STOCK UP ON THE GRANOLA. I recently purchased a bag of Cranberry, Orange & Fennel Granola and despite my occasional aversion to fennel, I found it to be just delicious! The sweet tang of the honey and sugars mixed with the array of vibrant spices such as ginger and cinnamon made for a complete treat.  They have different ones virtually every time I’ve been there.  I recall a glorious fig and ginger.  They generally have a chocolate for you chocolate lovers and I also saw an African Peanut and Date.  A bag will run you $8 and it’s worth it because it is enough to motivate you to get out of bed in the morning.  I also eat for a special late night snack or just a pick me up.


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