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Peking Duck: Something Glorious

Have you ever had Peking Duck?  A succulent layer of crisp duck skin, julienned scallions, a thin slice of cucumber and a handsome dollop of hoisin all served atop a squishy little bun?  If this combination of delight has yet to cross your palette, seek it out!

I like to get my Peking Duck on at Oriental Garden in Chinatown, NY- a fantastic Hong Kong style establishment.  This leads me to my first rant:  directed to white people who eat Chinese food.  General Tso’s Chicken has a time and a place and it’s NOT at an authentic Hong Kong inspired seafood restaurant.  Sure they have it on the menu to appease the ignorant customer, but DONT order it.  You are bringing shame to all Caucasians.  Wait to you go to your Wok n’ Roll to indulge in all that MSG goodness/badness.

When my family started going to Oriental Garden we were the only Caucasians there.  Now thanks to a review from Monsieur Bouley or Boulud, I don’t remember which one,  the restaurant is packed with them!  I don’t care if white people go there (though I have to say I liked thinking it was our family find) but I do care if they respect the restaurant by ordering actual Cantonese dishes.  So my final wish, and this is generally how I feel about all food that has been Americanized to the point that it has become its own cuisine, when in Rome eat as the Romans do.  Try the Country Style Crab, the Snow Pea Greens or whatever looks good, but you’re probably not familiar with.  Eating is an adventure into other cultures, so at least attempt the journey.

Thank you


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